Book The End of Law
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Book The End of Law

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The End of Law

نویسنده: William E. Scheuerman


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When I penned this volume’s first edition over twenty years ago, the Carl Schmitt “bug” had just hit the Anglophone intellectual world, with many political theorists, jurists, and others suddenly paying close attention to Schmitt’s ideas and their possible significance. In part by highlighting the ways in which Schmitt’s theoretical agenda opened the door to his disastrous flirtation with National Socialism, I hoped to push back against the emerging Schmitt renaissance. By any standard, those efforts were a failure: Schmitt is now a household name in the English-speaking academic world, and his work is more popular than ever. Elsewhere as well (e.g., China) Schmitt has since garnered a significant collection of disciples. The worldwide rise of right-wing populism means that he is very much in the news, with many far-right intellectuals energetically advising would-be rightist demagogues about Schmitt’s lessons. Why then this second edition?


ناشر: Rowman & Littlefield  International

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